Space Planning


What is space planning?

Interior Design is the planning, lay-out, and design of the interior space of residential and commercial buildings.

When should you hire an interior designer?

One:  In the blueprint stage of a building when it is the least expensive to make a change.  Many mistakes can be corrected and improvements made before construction ever starts.  Designers are trained to look at a space, work with the end-user, ask a lot of questions, and formulate the best use of a space.

Two:  When you decide to change accent colors or paint.  Many people choose colors that donít work for their space.  Often I am called after they realize what they chose isnít working.  You can spare yourself a lot of work if you consult briefly before you start your project.

Three:  When you want a fresh eye to remix existing furnishing to create a new look.  Designers can look at your things and suggest ways to showcase your favorite things.

Donít wait until you run into trouble before you call since some solutions will be limited after you have started construction.  A common example is the lack of electrical planning.  Designers can analyze the use of your space and help plan lighting in advance. 

If you have any questions, just call us now; we are ready to assist.


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Interior Designer Denise H. Osborne, IDS